Who is Shanann?

Who is

Until I was 6 years old, I was a normal child like any other. But when my mother passed away after an illness I began to activate the perception in small fragments of time. I could see the interior of people, how the heart moved when it beat, as a kind of current circulated throughout the interior of people ... Then they explained to me that it was the vital energy.

My family took me to the doctor, because it did not seem ordinary, and he determined that I was healthy. Soon after, two men appeared at my house, talked to my father and told him that he was the reincarnation of a lama and that he should instruct me in Tibet. My father refused.

Over time, I continued to gain more capabilities; I could free myself of the fatigue when I wanted to, more and more people came to my house ... I played with their energy, as with mine, and it worked. For me it was just a game.

After a few months, these two people came back to my house to talk with my father. Given the evidence of the skills he was developing, he was forced to let me go with these two "lamas" for my instruction with the commitment to return home on certain dates.

I went with them to learn to channel the "skills" that would allow me to help people. I went with 11 other people, from 11 other countries, with whom I was trained to see inside people, read the DNA, explain their mission in this life and how to improve it to avoid suffering. We also learned how to treat people from a distance, achieving important benefits in their lives.

In addition, we developed the ability to see the person's previous life so that she herself could understand the origin of her actions and the diversity of problems that this entailed.

We explain how his interior is written, his mission of life, what is the formula or the mode of action to free himself and, in many cases, to end the suffering he suffers for years of his life.

The teachings also developed the ability to see a person in a photo and know what it is like and what it was born for.

I have been around the world for more than 30 years, helping people improve their lives, to know their gift and their mission in life. In 2016, I understood that my place was in Spain improving the lives of the people here, although I continue to visit Tibet frequently.

My mission
in life

My mission in life is to reestablish balance in people with a cost in suffering as low as possible. And also to activate the best of each person's mission so that they can obtain a more precise change with minimum wear and tear on their part.

My values

  • Being always with people not only as a teacher, but as a counselor.
  • Always see the emotional clarity of the people and teach them how to use it. My evolution depends almost exclusively on people who advance with what they do not know and improve with what they live.
  • The only value is to accept that I have not come to improve myself, but to grow and empower others to do so.

My team

They are the fundamental pillar for all our events and workshops to be perfect.