Courses and workshops

Workshop of dreams

In this workshop you will learn to connect, understand and interact your different dreams throughout your life.

Learn about the different types of dreams that we develop throughout our lives: perception, learning, orientation, and before and after lives.

Each person has different experiences that connect their emotions through dreams.

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Awakening Consciousness
with Lama Shanaan

This course helps to transform the patterns of suffering from childhood and experiences to creating patterns of self-esteem, improving your intuition, the ability to listen to your inner self.

As well as improving your memory, your innate abilities, understanding, concentration and perception.Awakening Consciouness will help you renovate your personal relationships with your partner, friends and family.

In general, since there is an awakening of consciousness everything in your life will change for the better.

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The monks taught Shanaan to "see" the interior of each person, to read their DNA, to explain what their mission in life is and how to improve their lives so that each person is able to stop the suffering for which they have been experiencing over the years.

With these teachings Shanaan makes sessions in which he looks inside you and helps you to know yourself and to understand what your mission in life is, so you will be able to improve and be happier.

Only one individual session of approximately 30 minutes is necessary, which can be both in person and online. Also, if you show him a photo of a person, he will tell you everything about him in order to improve personal relationships.

Family groups

Entering all together is the greatest satisfaction in their lives. Shanaan explains how each one is and how to deal with problems both separately and as a group. It also works with how each of them works with the rest of the family members. When they understand why they act in this way, they understand that their way of acting is not to harm anyone, but to improve their relationship with them.

Here the key factor is that no member exposes the differences on the rest, but it is Shanaan who is explaining them in order to improve their relationship.


Shanaan also helped companies in the selection of personnel. Through the photos of job aspirants or workers, he tells them the qualities of those people and how they could perform better.

This way each company can identify which person fits best in the vacant position and can improve the mood of their team.